2011 Idaho Wolf Tags Now Available!

Idaho Fish and Game has wasted no time making clear their  intentions to use  legal wolf hunts as a big part of the states management plan for it's most dangerous predator.  Tags went on sale shortly after the U.S fish and Wildlife published the new rule signed into law by congress recently requiring wolves in Idaho and Montana to be removed from the endangered species list.

Resident tags are available for just $11.50. Non-resident tags are $186. To purchase a tag you must have a valid Idaho hunting license. Tags can be purchased immediately anywhere that sell hunting licences.

Once again, wolves will be categorized as a big game animal. While, details are limited about the upcoming season, quota limits, and rules, it is likely they will be similar to the 2009 hunt 2 years ago.

Aside from the new hunting season likely to begin this fall, the de-listing also means wolves may be shot without question and without fear of repercussion or fines if they  are killed  while molesting or attacking livestock or domestic animals.

For more information about Idahos wolf management plan, or current legal standing visit