HuntWolves.com is a site dedicated to everything about hunting wolves. Throughout Canada and the United States, the gray wolf is thriving and the hunting of gray wolves has become as common as deer and elk hunting.

For years, hunters have watched as deer and elk populations have been decimated and ranchers have stood by while their livelihood was eaten before their eyes. Through Province and State run wolf hunts, hunters have been given the chance to restore balance between wolves and other game species. HuntWolves.com strives to provide up to date information on the status of laws and hunting regulations for the gray wolf.

We acknowledge that there are a lot of groups out there that oppose the hunting of wolves, but we recognize that hunting seasons are necessary and inevitable. If you’re interested in hunting wolves, you’ve come to the right place for hunting tips, laws and regulations, and everything else you’ll need to know to bag a wolf.

Love hunting wolves, or hate it, we thank you for visiting our site.